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When I first came to NOWCAP Casper Wyoming Family Literacy I was nervous about re-learning things that I hadn't done in 15 years. In the past I had no ambition to do anything because I didn't want to fail.  When I came here the staff made me feel welcome and were helpful. Being in this program is like having a second family.  I am so glad I found this program.  I can't wait to get my GED so I can be a better person and get a better job.
Amber, Casper, WY
I heard about NOWCAP Casper Wyoming Family Literacy from my mother.  I had previously gone three other times to get my GED, but I was not comfortable in class and felt out of place, so each time I dropped out.  The people here are very nice and welcoming. Our teacher is awesome and is always there if I need help, no matter how many times I need help with the same thing.  I also like the fact that they have an infant and toddler program here, because if they did not, I wouldn't be able to work on my GED. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
Sara, Casper, WY
When I heard about NOWCAP Casper Wyoming Family Literacy I thought it would be a great program. I have wanted to get my GED for awhile, but I never had a babysitter to watch my daughter.  It was hard being a single mom. Without the infant and toddler education program here, I would not be able to do this.
Stephanie, Casper, WY
I would like to thank the Wyoming Family Literacy Program for giving me the opportunity to complete my GED. I had dropped out of high school my senior year because of health problems. The Wyoming Family Literacy program was perfect for me because I was working part-time at a restaurant and babysitting. The flexible hours of your program allowed me to attend classes and bring the child I was caring for at the same time. No other program in my area offered this type of service. I was pleased to have instructors who could tailor the program to meet my needs. I am still working, but I hope to enroll in some college classes next semester.
William, Torrington, WY
 My Name is Eva and I am a student at Wyoming Family Literacy.  I am 34 years old and I finally decided to get my GED. While I am working on my GED I am also taking parenting classes. Now I know that the more I learn, the better my family and I will be. I have a chance to keep learning, to go to college and to get a better job. Thank you for reading my letter.
Eva, Torrington, WY
NOWCAP Cheyenne Wyoming Family Literacy has helped me get my GED so I can get a job. It has helped my family to become closer and have fun while learning.
Stephany, Cheyenne, WY
I recently graduated with my GED.  Without the help of this program I would not have succeeded. Not only did the teachers encourage me to test, they brought me breakfast and drove me to the test site.  My goal is to show them that I can and will succeed.
Erin, Cheyenne, WY
After we learn English at NOWCAP Cheyenne Wyoming Family Literacy, we can study for the GED. We can then keep going with our studies. In this way we can have a better future and, most important, be an example for our children.
Sonia, Cheyenne, WY


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