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NOWCAP Black Lung & Respiratory Diseases Clinics
NOWCAP/Black Lung & Respiratory Diseases Clinics

NOWCAP Black Lung and Respiratory Diseases Clinic
2240 Coffeen Ave., Suite A
P O Box 6021
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone:  (307) 672-0046
Medical Director: Dr. William Williams

NOWCAP Black Lung and Respiratory  Diseases Clinic
15 S. Carbon Ave.
P O Box 817
Price, UT 84501
Phone: (435) 613-8790
Anita O’Neil

Colstrip Medical Center
6230 Main Street
P O Box 508
Colstrip, MT 59323
Phone: (406)748-3600
Medical Director: John Poole

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NOWCAP Black Lung & Respiratory Diseases Clinics
NOWCAP/ Black Lung & Respiratory Diseases Clinics is a federally funded, comprehensive cardio-pulmonary program with a primary focus on miners afflicted with black lung and their families. This program is offered to anyone with a concern or interest in his or her cardio-pulmonary health.

All information obtained through NOWCAP will remain strictly confidential and will be stored in your patient file. A copy of your tests will be mailed to you for you to share with your primary care physician.

All testing is done using licensed/certified medical providers utilizing modern up to date medical equipment.

The program provides the following services:

NOWCAP Black Lung & Respiratory DiseasesOccupational History
We will help you complete a form detailing your entire work history. This will enable the provider to differentiate between the many different exposures to toxins described in your work history.
Nursing Assessment
This entails the measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. The Occupational History Questionnaire will be assessed for active problems, current medications, and medical referral needs.
Pulmonary Function Test
A pulmonary function test is utilized to discover any obstruction or restrictions an individual may have in their air passage.
A single view chest X-ray (PA) will be performed. All films will be forwarded to a Radiologist that specializes in reading the x-ray for occupational lung diseases with a certification from the National Institute of Safety and Health.
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a graphic recording of the electrical activity of the heart. Inclusion of this test provides a basic evaluation of the heart.
Pulse Oximetry
A clip will be placed on your index finger that sends a pulse of ultraviolet light through the tissues of your finger. This measures your pulse rate and the percentage of oxygen saturation in your tissues.
To schedule an appointment contact one of the main offices listed above.


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